CNN) -- It's official.

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(CNN) -- It's official.

The bad boy of Haitian music is now the troubled nation's new president.

(se konsa yap pale de youn prezidan)

I think that's an offense to us Haitian people, the CNN always comments in a negative way about Haitian specialy about our new President: Michel Martelly, since he is now officialy the President of Haiti therefore he cannot be "the Bad boy of Haitian music and Trouble nation" as they describe him. I would like to ask the new government to undertake some legal action against this CNN in order that one to respect as it should be our nation, our President, they have to stop humiliate Haitians.

Ona, April 21 2011, 3:03 PM

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Well I do not know how CNN would have been able to present our President Should they have said Havard University graduate is President of Haiti... read more >
Ben, 22-Apr-11 4:30 pm
Sir I am sorry to tell you i do not communicate in creole 2 Un mandian na pas de respect 3 You earn respect by being independant Like our President... read more >
Ben, 29-Apr-11 10:46 pm
One cannot counter an accusation in the same lawsuit.CNN allegedly made the accusation about "HLN". The most that "HLN" can do is to ANSWER to the... read more >
Marjorie Middy, 30-Apr-11 9:28 pm


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