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It's about time some notice whats going around the world and haiti and doing something about.

most of the people that are in position to do something about haiti down fall are not doing and anything most of the white haitian with money are not doing anything about haiti the haitian people don't you to talk about fixing haiti when you do. they call crazy.

the simple fact is out people are dumm, careless.,uneducated, depress, and not looking toward the future of our country their think the U.S. is our country their couldn't more wrong, we all being use, abuse, taken advantage of all over the world but, noone what to talk about.all our women has been taking away from us some out country won't move forward.

we as haiti people, haiti man need to find a way to get the message out and get people to listen because this is very serious.

we could star in the haitian church.

great article came on the fight.

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