THANK YOU Wood great "fouye"...I guest "W ap konn George" sa...

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THANK YOU Wood great "fouye"
...I guest "W ap konn George" sa la lontan
...Cuban yo gen lontan yap di "Sabes Jorge" lol

Cj, February 16 2011, 3:44 PM

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Topic: Black History Month - Georges Biassou, The Highest Ranking Haitian General In Florida USA

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THANK YOU Wood great "fouye".....I guest "W ap konn George" sa la lontan......Cuban yo gen lontan yap di "Sabes Jorge" lol read more >
Cj, 16-Feb-11 3:44 pm
Keep up the good work Woody. As much as I think I know, I did not this info. I know the oldest School in St. Augustine and have my relatives live... read more >
Franck, 16-Feb-11 7:27 pm
great piece of history... read more >
Jeff Herard, 16-Feb-11 7:32 pm
ME TOO,homie Im proud to be haitian..We also defeated the Napoleon army that was invencible... read more >
Jean, 17-Feb-11 1:28 pm
This guy was a Wolf. He owned slaves. He drank all of his money after he moved to St. Augustine and died in a drunken brawl. This is not someone I... read more >
The Truth, 22-Feb-11 5:33 pm
Biassou was so bad he was betrayed by his Chief of Staff: Toussaint Louverture. Toussaint had finally joined the Haitian revolution after saving his... read more >
Gran Neg, 25-Feb-11 1:08 pm
What about Jean Batiste Point du Sable born in St Marc first person to start what is now the city of Chicago, Col Josef Savary who was recruited by... read more >
Jacko, 4-Dec-11 8:56 pm
Mw kontan le fet ke mw soti nan desandan nonm sa. ki te yon vayan gason... yon nonm tout bon ki tap konbat pou yon nasyon. viv fanmi Biassou! e map... read more >
Biassou Jean Stevenson, 1-Jul-14 2:33 am


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