We need to kneal down in pray to god! God need our heart in...

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we need to kneal down in pray to god! God need our heart in soul he need us to show repect in wish we are not doing my friend +brother you do know haitians more than I do you know that whenever a haitian have some money they always praise to show they make it but never thank God for giving him the strenght and it's health never honor God from where they were before and than Now we are not a giving nation we don't support anyone who is in need in fact we take pride in others urgency or emmergency.

we make comments whithout having the real fact we interfer in others privacy we lye, we pro cratinate or envent about one an other this could not be nice in the eye of the allmighty..because God does not like ugly we as a nation don't follow God rules they often say I don't have for myself how can I help if you can't give a bag of rice offer a plate of food share a dollar five dollars ect that show 's respect for God and alsoloving and concern for an other this is God words not mine Jesus say if you follow my commendemants and rules I shall pour my blessings unto you, your family, and children.Are your children been bless are they away from trouble?

is the family bless or they are strugling?

Are you bless ?are you happy of you life?or maybe you could have been more at peace test yoursel my man in relate this message to you friends and family and also do not forget to protect the family in all can be done with simply for the lord our creator love you!

Martine Civil, November 2 2010, 2:19 AM

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Topic: ALERT! Hurricane Tomas Will Hit Haiti From Coast To Coast!

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oooooo DIEU ap fini ak ti petim nan net read more >
Landy, 1-Nov-10 6:43 pm
Mezanmi gade yon bagay rive pou fini devastate peyi moin moin dako avek sa toute haitian ape di coulie ya mize pou nou nou fini net read more >
Marie, 1-Nov-10 9:26 pm
Marie, 1-Nov-10 9:36 pm
marie I agree with you more than 100% to many false god are been worship in haiti god is proven his power in haiti not as a curse but simply to have... read more >
Martine Civil, 2-Nov-10 1:46 am
we need to kneal down in pray to god! God need our heart in soul he need us to show repect in wish we are not doing my friend +brother you do know... read more >
Martine Civil, 2-Nov-10 2:19 am
you right you realy know haitians i don't know them different then you do read more >
Mackson, 2-Nov-10 6:02 am
I am so happy to read all of these comments about the Lord. My brothers and sisters we can pray. We know that God answers prayers Continue to lift... read more >
Yvette Duverge, 3-Nov-10 9:15 am
The faithful prayer of thousands will spare Haiti of futher disater.A moment of prayer from us is so little to ask for when Hati is in so much need... read more >
Glenn, 3-Nov-10 8:07 pm
TJ,In case your energies give rise to reidnag, the winds of Alaska come south with good wishes for the work of your hands, and the assistance of... read more >
Shinichi, 3-Jul-12 10:48 am
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Razul, 5-Jul-12 12:49 am
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