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Hi everyone, I am looking for names of Haitian writers and titles of their books.

I live in South America and I can't find any here. Well I am member of a Library and I have read two, but one is written by a Dutch woman and the other is by Jean Metelus.

I would really like to read more, even if I had to pay all my salary

so please anyone?

Dont forget the titels...


Rose-marie, August 3 2010, 9:46 AM

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Hi Rose Marie, There are two Haitian websites that I know of with a great list of Haitian authors and the books they publish. One is Educa Vision, a... read more >
Woodring, 4-Aug-10 1:35 am
Thank you so much! I will take a look at the sites, I have followed the links already. :-)) read more >
Rose-marie, 5-Aug-10 8:02 am
I am an Haitian bilingual writer. My new book is: Haiti dans la force aux lions, Haiti in the Lions'Den. bookstore.authorh read more >
Daniel Brice, 24-Oct-13 7:00 am


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