Wyclef, i still with u, paske ou montre ke ou solidareanpil...

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wyclef, i still with u, paske ou montre ke ou solidareanpil, paske gen anpil haitien k nou konnen, ki gen anpil lajan, pa janm panse yon jou avek haiti, kontinye fe bon travay.

Haitien, June 16 2010, 1:24 PM

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Topic: Wyclef Jean received an honorary doctorate for Haiti from WSCU

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my brother, for the work you have done for your country Haiti and throughout the world there's nothing material that I could offer you to satisfy... read more >
Emmanuel Noel, 3-Jun-10 12:25 am
im happy for my brother clef and my nation clef makes me feel that all haitians are smart and have a dream.today is wyclef tomorrow will be my turn... read more >
Rounson, 3-Jun-10 11:01 am
chak jeune tankou mwen an nou fe menm jan ak wyclef si nou rive nan lavi sepa nou selman men se koule bleu et rouge la ki rive rev+edukasyon = lajwa... read more >
Rounson, 3-Jun-10 11:09 am
my friend Wyclef,i am so happy for all the things you do for us in Haiti,thank you for love, ur senbility,keep love for Haitian and God gonna keep... read more >
Dioderson Augustin, 3-Jun-10 12:46 pm
wyclef,i still with u,paske ou montre ke ou solidareanpil,paske gen anpil haitien k nou konnen,ki gen anpil lajan,pa janm panse yon jou avek... read more >
Haitien, 16-Jun-10 1:24 pm
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