wow never knew dat....learned some new today

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never knew dat....learned some new today

Ericka, May 22 2010, 9:57 PM

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Topic: Did you know? Haiti's Iron Market Was Destined For Egypt!

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I don't think I remember anything about president Hyppolite term while I was study Haiti's history. Thanks for enlightening me. Sure that was news... read more >
Getty, 22-May-10 6:26 pm
il parrait que nous avons beaucoup histoires cachees...mais pour ils ne nous ensegnent pas ces histoire a l´ecole, ni a luniversite,non plus dans... read more >
Georges Walsen Hyppolite, 22-May-10 6:40 pm
wow never knew dat........learned some new today read more >
Ericka, 22-May-10 9:57 pm
That is true.Woodring is doing a wonderful job and I commend him for that. By the way Maya, is there an active Haitian community in New Zealand... read more >
Kenol Aris, 23-May-10 7:06 am
wow that is so true "there is always a story to tell" as a Haitian I always want to learn about my country and other countries also cause I love... read more >
Dieuseul, 23-May-10 1:34 pm
Hi Kenol. No there isn't an active Haitian community in New Zealand. You wouldn't know so though based on the support given to our country here in... read more >
Maya Emmanuel Dorcil, 24-May-10 7:14 am
Hi, I'm a haitian living in Plano Texas. I left haiti very young and did not have the chance to learn much about my history. but, I'm grateful for... read more >
Anslot Jean-louis, 25-May-10 2:57 pm
Yes I am also a Haitian living int he U.S.! Not many people know if Haiti even exits! read more >
Meolonie, 12-Oct-10 5:38 pm


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