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We need to have different plans to bring Haiti to the 21 st Century, and we all must work together.

We must relocate the homeless into temporary housing, and I am OK with the temporary tent city. I do not want to see Haitians still living in tents the next five years, and am worried that the tents might become a permanent housing solution.

We must decentralized the country, and move the population to the countryside.

We have no infrastructure, and must work on it very hard. You cannot function without electricity, roads, and water.

We need to prepare the countrysides to receive the new residents by building low cost permanent modern housings, and spread the factories there.

The Haitian people will agree to move if they have housings, schools, food, jobs, and medical care. We need to have those facilities in place, and then ask people to move. We could build projects, and rent the apartments from $50 & UP to low income tenants.

They must be trained before moving in, so they do not destroy the place.

They have never live indoors, and will throw garbage in the toilets if we do not teach them. We have a major sanitation issues in Haiti, and we should have garbage trucks all over Haiti.

The people who will live in the countrysides should not have to travel to Port au Prince for nothing, and all agencies need to have an office all over Haiti.

We must have gardens near the housing projects, and teach people how to grow food. We should not depend on can foods from foreign countries, and must learn to grow our own healthy food. The locals, and the diaspora must work together to modernize the country.

We still have no emergency plans for hurricanes, so forget about earthquakes.

We should be able to dispatch our own ambulances, fire departments, and helicopters during emergencies to provide primary care for our citizens.

All our youngs do not have to be doctors, or lawyers.

We should train them in other fields, and bring experts from all over the world to teach them. We have a bunch of educated people with no jobs, and no future.

Let's train, and dispatch them all over Haiti to help others.

I would require that students serve while in HS, and cannot graduate without putting a certain amount of hours.

The government, and the world will not be able to do everything for us. We need to roll up our sleeves, and get our hands dirty.

We must have a back up plan for hurricanes, or the next earthquake.

Josy, April 18 2010, 8:04 PM

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