How much land does the Haitian Government Own?

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Topic: How much land does the Haitian Government Own?

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i have a feeling that this land thing is going to be a way way for the same special interest (elite) to get their part of the cake. If little money... read more >
Louverture, 22-Mar-10 7:26 pm
The haitian government had land that has been taking illegally in the past. The government has to regain those land.we need the eminent domain law... read more >
Getty, 22-Mar-10 8:07 pm
Haiti is a republic and not a democracy. Power, land ownership, everything, rest with the people. The only role of government is to protect the... read more >
Ana, 22-Mar-10 9:00 pm
"In any catastrophic situation, the government(state) has full legal power to do almost anything within their reach." True......that is if you have... read more >
Clnmike, 22-Mar-10 10:59 pm
I'm sorry people tout mounn nan magrouye gouvenment ap kouri fanm a doit a goche allew yo bezyen lagen pou yo achete te this unbelievable toussaint... read more >
Ernst Pierre, 25-Mar-10 11:38 pm
Haiti : Expropriation de terrains, les d read more >
Will Smith, 27-Mar-10 12:51 pm
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Aaron, 9-Oct-10 8:03 am
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Aaron, 18-Oct-10 12:51 am
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