How much land does the Haitian Government Own?

When I was growing up in Haiti I used to hear this phrase "Te Leta" and I had the impression that the Haitian government owned a lot of land in Haiti.

Do they?

Because if they do, I have a question:

There is an article on the Christian Science Monitor suggesting that the Haitian Government cannot find 1,500 acres of it's own land out of the 6.9 million acres of land in Haiti to build temporary shelters for the the earthquake victims.

According to the article, the Haitian government is "currently in negotiations with private landowners" and "that requires beaucoup de bucks."

So basically, the Haitian government is "hoping that the international community and lending institutions will bridge its financial gap" (in other words, give them the money) to give to land owners because the Haitian government has no land in Haiti?

Oh... Guess what?

If the "International Community" refuses to dish out that money...

"people are going to drown" the article says.

Let's review today's lesson shall we?

  • The earthquake happened on January 12
  • The rainy season starts April 1
  • Today is March 22
  • Our leaders are still HOPING to get money so they can RENT the land they need to build SHELTERS before the rainy season starts.
  • Otherwise people are going to drown.

What is it with this government and "Naje Pou Soti?"

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Aaron says...

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Will Smith says...

Haiti: Expropriation de terrains, les

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Ernst Pierre says...

I'm sorry people tout mounn nan magrouye gouvenment ap kouri fanm a doit a goche allew yo bezyen lagen pou yo achete te this unbelievable toussaint louverture devrais etre la pour voir ses cons qui attends les autres chem an does people they call Haitian government benn

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Clnmike says...

"In any catastrophic situation, the government(state) has full legal power to do almost anything within their reach."

True...that is if you have a military to back you

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Ana says...

Haiti is a republic and not a democracy.

Power, land ownership, everything, rest with the people.

The only role of government is to protect the rights of the people and protect the country against foreign invaders.

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Getty says...

The haitian government had land that has been taking illegally in the past. The government has to regain those land. we need the eminent domain law to pass in Haiti where the government has the inherent power of the state to seize a citizen's private property, expropriate property, or seize a citizen's rights in property with due monetary compensation, but without the owner's consent.

The property taken have to be used for the public or civic.Itis time for haitiens to do some consensus and shows some patriotism at least.yes, you should recompensate for your land, do not exaggerate the price to take advantage of the moment.

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Louverture says...

i have a feeling that this land thing is going to be a way way for the same special interest (elite) to get their part of the cake. If little money is being given to the governement, what better way to make up for it than to find a way rent my land...

If the president really need lend to build shelter, nothing can stop him but himself or his friends interest...

who can really stop them from using whatever land they want. Come on busyness as

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Dieumene says...

Hello, me, what I can say is that we do not state in Haiti, there are profiteers, blofeurs, thieves and even though pir. They think only of themselves, their pockets, they expect the International

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Thomas says...

Woodrin, ther more than enough of gverment land in the country, from where i grow up like yousaid, gin anpil (te leta).

the trouble is, our goverment has been too lazy to locate and organize their own land for number one, and for # 2 the big government have been too busy stealing our money, they let little political organisation to deal with our goverment land
for #, some goverment land has been pass on to people through some political organisation, in excgange to vote for somebody, (senateur, depute, magistra, kazek etc...) believe me it is true, i know what i am talking about and some of them sold illigal to others with no legal paper, but the goverment will have hard time locate them as they never knew wher they were in the first place.

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