angaje n pou w ayiti tou n

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Adrien Chenet- Christonardeni, February 23 2010, 1:29 PM

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Topic: Haiti Earthquake, Another One This Morning, Tuesday!

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i think we should pray hard jesus is by the door get jesus in our life. the world mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm read more >
Moline, 23-Feb-10 11:37 am
Lord have mercy on Haiti. We will get through this. We are strong people. We will read more >
Miggy, 23-Feb-10 1:16 pm
* ANGAJE N POU W AYITI TOU N read more >
Adrien Chenet- Christonardeni, 23-Feb-10 1:29 pm
I have to go back Haiti one of these days but i am not scared. We got to let it happening because we are living in the last days. We can do nothing... read more >
Batheline, 23-Feb-10 1:47 pm
alo mes amis koman nou ye yon sel bagay kontinye prie paske nou poko bon du tout ke Jehovah Dieu avek nou mesi anpil. read more >
Marie Elie, 23-Feb-10 9:58 pm
My brothers and sisters all we can do it pray harder and have faith in God. read more >
Andy, 24-Feb-10 6:24 pm


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