angaje n pou w ayiti tou n

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Adrien Chenet- Christonardeni, February 23 2010, 1:19 PM

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Topic: Video Haiti Route Nationale #2 Split Open After Earthquake

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I am very surprised to see this kind thing only one thing we have to pray God for our protection ok read more >
Berthauny Bernard, 22-Feb-10 3:25 pm
Oh My God! this gives me goosebumps in the most terrifying way. read more >
Marie, 22-Feb-10 10:52 pm
Leogane is my home town too!! It is heart ranching to see. Beautiful Leogane. Let us continue to pray harder for our country. In the name of our... read more >
Miggy, 23-Feb-10 3:50 am
* ANGAJE N POU W AYITI TOU N read more >
Adrien Chenet- Christonardeni, 23-Feb-10 1:19 pm


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