Joseph Phillippe Lemercier Laroche

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Topic: Joseph Phillippe Lemercier Laroche

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Wow!!! It's funny how this didn't show up in the history books. Amazing, isn't it? read more >
Victoria Ayo-vaughan, 22-Apr-10 7:48 am
Maybe it's because the Titanic was produced by americans read more >
Ras, 23-Sep-10 9:59 am
Are all dark complexed people called Black? There are a lot of dark-skinned Hispanics, Greeks, Israelites, etc; they are not Black. read more >
Jane, 16-Oct-10 8:59 am
I'll bet if you check the DNA of those you named you will find BLACK blood. The Moors was in Europe for over 750 years. During that time, I'll bet... read more >
Rickeytick, 4-Jun-11 10:26 pm
While! Good to know,As i was told that Great Books have ben rewrote?Such as the Bible,Now if those Great Books were Rewrote and We all know that... read more >
Dale, 6-Sep-11 7:48 pm
Yes Jane, once your skin is Black, you are Black it doesn't matter where you were born, it's all about the complexion. To a white person any shade... read more >
Juliette, 15-Apr-12 12:48 pm


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