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I am not quite sure how MAINSTREAM is the "Sunday Standard" newspaper, BUT I am certain you are not talking on behalf of Botswana.You are very logical about tracing your knowledge of geography or the lack thereof, then insult haitians and the entire African- descent- diaspora throughout the western world!!!and bring the issue (quake) back to your homeland.

It is almost like you were wishing a quake in your country.

so that you too could enjoy the world cameras positioned on your country According to you only White men can do things properly.

so of course, the Brits and the Germans would have been there for the most "sophisticated" tasks.

and brought over heavy machinery and other tools.Are you writing this garbage because you are running for some kind of a political Office?

You need the assistance of your more military-forceful white neighbors, and you need to suck-up to them?

OR are you just a sleazy opportunist??.

Individually I have been angry with AFRICA since grammar-school textbook years.

It had bothered me that Africa and Europe's text books failed to write about slavery, this awful little secret, We Haitian kids did proudly learned about our Haitian heritage from Haitian textbooks written by Haitians.

I can fairly assumed that you do not know anything about other nations who came into being just like Haiti did?

Yes, COUSIN, your problem is that
you have learned history and geography from other people's textbooks.

Your knowledge about geography underlines it all. You seem to be a geography buff, How come you did not continue studying the globe on your own?

Africa is a continent made of many diverse nations.

We Haitians and other African diaspora, for the most part, came from the cost of Africa particularly.

Ivory Coast and the neighboring regions.

We collectively LOVE our land, Haiti, and have worked very hard to keep it our own but sometimes perverted minds and natural disasters make the tasks a lot tougher.

But you know what?

We have always managed.

By necessity, we are a resourceful people.

In our hearts, we hold a very dear and romantic spot for Africa, this mythical- far- away land from where we have originated.

Botswana, I assumed, your native land, is young in its independence (1966).

This could partially explained your negativism...Cousin, let me suggest that you do some reading and research on one Topic:"Negritude", guaranteed wonders for your soul, body and mind. It will detoxify your mind!!!
Maybe then, dear distant cousin, you may be in a position to do something positive: help Haiti.

You perhaps could do some advocacy work. You guys have conquered the HIV virus and have made medicine relatively-readily available to your constituents.

You have made great efforts not to rely solely on your diamond trade.

Your Country is stable and have great human rights protection.

Issues we need help with in our beloved land. On the other hand, You have this problem with homeless orphan children due to HIV-related deaths.

We also have a related similar problem.

Perhaps both of us (nations) could work together to come up with a solution.

Is not it what you want?

Black people working together?

Maybe, then you would not needed to be so afraid of South-Africa...

Cousin, for your information: The CHINESE were first to arrive on the scene, followed by our good friends and neighbors, the U.S., (They are like family now), then came Our south-American neighbors and then of course the French.

The President of Senegal, Abdalouye Wade magnanimously offered free fertile Senegalese land to Haitians.

It seems to me, the quake and its aftermath were a definite brotherhood cooperation.

Race was NOT an issue.

(an international KOMBIT).

...How can you undermined the Haitians who so poignantly picked-up and carried their brothers and neighbors on their shoulders?

If you were not so busy criticizing, you would have noticed that most of the nurses were of Haitian-descent and there were some Haitian doctors albeit not mentioned too often.

But they were there in the background.

Bernadette S.

Bernadette, February 15 2010, 12:40 PM

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