Woodring You are right about thinking what to do for our...

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Woodring You are right about thinking what to do for our Haitian kids. Don

Great Idea, February 3 2010, 9:01 AM

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Topic: Haiti's Orphans, What are we going to do about it?

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Woodring You are right about thinking what to do for our Haitian kids. Don read more >
Great Idea, 3-Feb-10 9:01 am
Love it Woodring. Here is my suggestion.The Haitian community here can stand up and take care of these children by providing financial support every... read more >
Tatiana, 3-Feb-10 10:07 am
I have experience working with restavec,street children and orphanages in Haiti and in Africa. I am thinking about going back and start a program. I... read more >
Claudette, 3-Feb-10 10:35 am
Tatiana, Love your idea. Some of us who receive Woodring's emails are not Haitian, but are Friends of Haiti, and maybe some of us could get involved... read more >
Vikki Yeghoyan, 3-Feb-10 10:59 am
Thanks. Hopefully Woodring will be able to spread the idea. We can do something for those children while they are still in Haiti. God bless them! read more >
Tatiana, 3-Feb-10 11:09 am
As a 100% Haitian, I am really concerned about the situation of many orphans that we have in our loving country. I understand our government doesn't... read more >
Beko, 3-Feb-10 11:30 am
En effet, ce probleme a besoin qu'on en debattre serieusement. Pour ma part, j'aimerais que chaque haitien prennent en charge au moins un enfant, en... read more >
Alindor Roner, 3-Feb-10 12:56 pm
Wow, I love the questions and I love the responses. Keep it up people! In my opinion, there are lots of Haitian Canadian and American living outside... read more >
Serge, 3-Feb-10 12:57 pm
I am not Haitian but I do business there (in Gonaives)and LOVE the country,this is what my wife and I decided to do to help children in Haiti is to... read more >
Tony Harriott, 3-Feb-10 1:35 pm
Mr Woodring i want to say something you know there are many children on the street and orphans, now how you come with this idea you can think if you... read more >
Berthauny Bernard, 3-Feb-10 2:51 pm
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