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To all my Haitian brothers & sisters along with Haitian friends:
Two weeks a go, I suggested that we starts organizing ourselves in order to better our homeland.

It is intereseting to know that only a few people felt the need for us to do so. I don't know where we all stand, but I do know that Haiti belong to all of us, the Haitian's born, the Haitian related, ect. As a people we need to learn how to trust one another, and to start working toward the betterment of Haiti.

After all, if we don't who will. It is very interesting that one of the fellow in this site suggested that we should not care about who is in office and that we should go about our business.

I agree with that statement, and I do believe they are ways around everything.

In this life time there is always an answer to achieve something.

Once again I asked all of you to work with each other to find ways to organize ourselves because the work of Haiti can not possibly done by one person.

So it is on us to do what we can to help our homeland combat the dark cloud that we have been under for so long. May be I'm naive, but I do believe as a people living aboard we have the capabilities and the fortitude to accomplish this. However our commitment is needed and we all should take a deep look into ourselves and change certain concept and fears that might have create a baricade in our concious mind.Once again I will remained hopeful and wish to get a call from some of you who are interested in doing just that. Until then, you all take care and may god in heaven blesh you and Haiti.

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