Where is the Haitian Government? We Found Them!

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Topic: Where is the Haitian Government? We Found Them!

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Look I don't nothing to say, Josy almost say everything, haitian people need to pray God and worship Him alot, they need, everyone need to turn... read more >
Thony S Jean-baptiste, 21-Jan-10 7:25 pm
Thanks God! There is someone who shares my ideas. The interview of Preval and Bellerive as his interpretor with the US National TV is a shame. It is... read more >
Carmel, 21-Jan-10 8:01 pm
We need to worship God alone, and clean up our acts. The majority of our people will go to church, and claim they are Christians. They also in... read more >
Josy, 21-Jan-10 9:26 pm
First do you really understand, what I'm talking about, maybe you don't,2) you don't talk to anyone like that, is like judging everyone, you say you... read more >
Thony S Jean-baptiste, 22-Jan-10 2:42 am
Jeunesse de mon pays,quel est notre avenir?Seul Dieu jehova peut repondre a cette interrogation.ce que je vais dire:Aujourd'huit apres deux cent six... read more >
Charles Verlande, 23-Jan-10 10:08 am
WYCLEF JEAN FOR PRESIDENT OF HAITI! He did more for the people than all past and present presidents put together. He's well know, respected and he... read more >
Unknown, 3-Feb-10 4:19 pm
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