I reconized Beyonce's Name and her sisters name solange as...

Tim - January 3 2010, 3:43 AM

I reconized Beyonce's Name and her sisters name solange as being French names a while ago, but also I do Know that there are Creoles People in Louisiana as My Brother went to school there and Married a girl that was Creole and she did not speak french at all. it is well Known that during slavery and after there were Blackomen who mated with married French men even when they married these light skin woman were treated much better that the slaves and the other freed blacks.

theres a long nasty history behind it but there all related to the other blacks in this country and to haitians as well as american and Taino Indians.

in other words Haitians are just a Nationality, all of us are desendants from the the continent of africa were the negro race was created by god

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