Imma Be nice! Does anybody look at the picture real close...

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Imma Be nice !

Does anybody look at the picture real close first of all woody I think it's offensive to the women who take the time to read your articles to have a women, supa star beyonce with her legs gapped open, so far that you see her bump cheeks.

And!!!!!!!!!1 the nerve to say that Anything less than a real woman like michelle obama is in fact Haitenne born American female, Beyonce is gross, look at the sexual nature in which her eyes carry on, but when she's not performing she turns into sweet Miss America this aint no rabbit hole

this story is just an attempt to draw traffic as no-one unless they are head over heels, stupid self-hatin fans, (AKA hatienne skin bleachers!!) really thinks that the chick is haitienne.

Dont pass this off as Im just wondering rabit hole bit

couldn't you have put a betta picture of her?

Im mean please I love Your effort at creating this spot for us but this articles is a joke, just like the one where you allow someone to ask the question are haitenne woman romantic, stop playing dumb, I admit that it's in our culture to dwell on a subject too long, but at the same time we are the best writers when it come to purveying a message, upliftment is what we are editing,

lets not dumb down our self to appease people into talkin down to us as the afro-american has done to his culture.

and for example the letter written to the crowd here by the Louisiana guy, I think yur response to him is a little soft, and full of ownership for those who offer little to the hatienne image that barack hasn't already done.

Carolyn., December 13 2009, 12:36 PM

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Topic: Haiti Vs. Louisiana - The Battle Over Beyonce!

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Gonzales, 8-Dec-09 10:14 pm
Imma Be nice! Does anybody look at the picture real close first of all woody I think it's offensive to the women who take the time to read your... read more >
Carolyn., 13-Dec-09 12:36 pm
if you are trying to insult haitians well let me tell you something haitians might bleach there skin but they have class and respect and too me your... read more >
Diamond Williams, 30-Dec-09 4:01 pm
I reconized Beyonce's Name and her sisters name solange as being French names a while ago, but also I do Know that there are Creoles People in... read more >
Tim, 3-Jan-10 3:43 am
In Re: to "Though they have a distinct culture, "Les Gens Oublie" came from the island we now call Haiti (fleeing the war, before Haiti gained its... read more >
Cliford, 4-Jan-10 6:36 pm
The only thing I would say to the poster re: "Like you, my Louisiana Creole friend, we're looking for role models too, and I am trying to link... read more >
Cliford, 4-Jan-10 6:43 pm
your claim is false. Louisiana creoles have been in Louisiana for about 100 or more years prior to the Haitian revolution. French and Spanish people... read more >
Marie, 24-Jan-10 10:41 am
Actually your wrong if you forgot Haitians were originally Africans brought over to Haiti to be slaves so the Haitian culture originally stems from... read more >
Lisa, 21-Feb-10 2:37 am
You sound like an intelligent woman these people are so ignorant to make a statement like anyone from Louisiana is of Haitian descent because it's... read more >
Maggie, 21-Feb-10 2:46 am
We are all the same. Someone need there history book! u pale creole ou se haitian, creole came frm haiti. We the same, same food, same madigra, and... read more >
Sabrina And Haitian, 14-May-10 11:59 pm
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