Haiti Vs. Louisiana - The Battle Over Beyonce!

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Topic: Haiti Vs. Louisiana - The Battle Over Beyonce!

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We are all the same. Someone need there history book! u pale creole ou se haitian, creole came frm haiti. We the same, same food, same madigra, and... read more >
Sabrina And Haitian, 14-May-10 11:59 pm
i feel that the people of haiti and the people of Louisiana have a lot in common and are related culturally no matter how long down the line. I am... read more >
Mia, 30-Dec-10 12:02 pm
If a person do not want to claim their heritage or ancestry that is their business. We should not force any one to be who they do not want to be... read more >
Linda, 20-Jan-11 4:59 pm
My grandfather is from Louisiana and there a a few families of Hatian decent but most creoles are american decent a mixture of African,White... read more >
Catakuba, 26-Nov-11 12:03 pm
Yes, I can sign under this one : Jean Baptiste borned affranchi from a slave woman and french master in St-Marc was sent to France by his father... read more >
Kenold Pierre, 28-Nov-11 8:16 pm
When the revolution occurred in Haiti, many Haitians fled to New Orleans. Being a French colony originally (it had been turned over to Spain), a... read more >
Makandal, 22-Feb-12 7:22 pm
It shows the ignorance of some louisiana Creoles who do not know nor understand the connection of the Louisiana Creoles and Haiti. It is from Haiti... read more >
Ron Frilot, 20-Dec-13 2:59 am
If you want to claim a role model, don't claim Beyonce, claim a real model that young girls can look up to. She's no role model especially for young... read more >
Adiana Ward, 27-Dec-13 10:10 am
But the French and the Spanish didn't speak Creole read more >
Cilas, 27-Dec-13 1:13 pm
I understand that they want to be their separate "community", but they need to understand that creole is creole, and they don't need to be ashamed... read more >
Ash, 29-Dec-13 1:45 pm
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