Bill Clinton Talks About Haiti, Watch The Video

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Topic: Bill Clinton Talks About Haiti, Watch The Video

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Haiti: Bill Clinton Expresses Optimism on Foreign Investments Former President Bill Clinton said a large turnout on Thursday at an investors... read more >
Associated Press, 2-Oct-09 6:26 am
The speech was great..; I truly believe that Bill Clinton. can too get all of us as soldiers to line up and get this thing done. it is going to... read more >
Kopykat232002, 2-Oct-09 11:14 am
Mientras que los pueblos de Hait read more >
Burrowes, 2-Oct-09 2:06 pm
no habla espaniol english. i dont read or speak spanish.. i am trying to learn, so therefore i need to take a class for that, i am in the process of... read more >
Kopykat232002, 2-Oct-09 2:23 pm
I have been waiting for this time,I looking forward to see for the year to come, what blue print is being put together to get this thing done, I am... read more >
William E. Josma, 3-Oct-09 9:22 am
Now is the time for all good Haitians to come to the help of their country. It's true that a lot of people want to help us, but we need to show more... read more >
Taylor Laguerre, 3-Oct-09 11:14 am
William, It seems like you are a true Haitian. This is my dream to a better Haiti. I remember when I was a kid how a Haiti was. This time I hope Mr... read more >
Wilfrid, 17-Oct-09 1:10 pm
I am in Haiti for the first time. I do not believe that donations will do any good here. The infrastructure needs to be rebuilt and giving money to... read more >
Cornelia East, 25-Dec-09 10:37 pm
My organzation Make A Difference NOW is putting aside money to rebuild classrooms in Haiti at the end of February and we are looking for volunteers... read more >
Theresa Grant, 23-Jan-10 7:29 pm


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