According to you, there is no native African American in the...

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according to you, there is no native African American in the USA wich is totally senseless ! it is as if, all Afro-americans are originally from Haiti ! it doesn't make sense because Haitian are only 2 millions among the 40 million black people in the States.

When you mentionned all those celebrities, none of them have confirmed that they have Haitian blood, only Haitians say that in order to feel good themself ! most of Haitians have French speaking names because the French used to be their masters during the slavery so they had to carry their names.

so Haitians with English speaking names is very suspicious like Denzel Washington, Will Smith way, that they are from Haitian origin whereas they never talked about their Haitian roots anyway ! assuming that they have Haitian origin, in what degre?

is it the dad who is Haitian?

the grand dad?

the great grand dad?

it doesn't make the person Haitian as such ! Bruce Lee, the martial artist's dad was Chinese and his mother was half Chinese and half German, so his grand dad was german.

does it make Bruce Lee a Chinese or a German?

He looked more Chinese to me !!

Chabal, May 21 2009, 3:48 AM

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Topic: American Celebrities With Haitian Roots

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Ti Chouchou, 16-May-09 8:54 am
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Chabal, 20-May-09 3:52 am
hi chabal how are u doing brother,i'm ok,i'm not wrong Beyonce mother she haitian origin but no different with the black peoples,the creole speaking... read more >
Ti Chouchou, 20-May-09 8:12 am
according to you, there is no native African American in the USA wich is totally senseless! it is as if, all Afro-americans are originally from... read more >
Chabal, 21-May-09 3:48 am
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Ti Chouchou, 21-May-09 9:56 am
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Chabal, 22-May-09 5:44 am
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Ti Chouchou, 22-May-09 9:47 am
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