Path to prosperity starts from the mind.

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Path to prosperity starts from the mind and rests to the bottom of the heart.

Respect your brother no matter what religion, faith and creed.

Knowing about yourself from the mud to the bud.
So many religious Haitians are so lost, and self hated it is a shame.

Poverty becomes their escape-goat.

"Well it is because our ancestors sold their souls to the devil" How ignorant and ungrateful.

We will remain the poorest of the poorests in the mind until these folks are not invited to talk in society anymore.

Their words are the most offensive weapon against Haiti.

The French left Haiti but they leaving behind their most effective weapons Hate.
Our problem is not money but hate. The French injected their venum so deep in our vein, it has taken generations for Haitians to start gaining some consciousness in other words knowing themselves...Where they've been...Where they come from. Until we gain full consciousness, we will start rejecting that venum and God's properity will pour on us like rain and I know that day is soon.

The English venum wasn't that strong which comes to their benefits, although African americans, Jamaicans, Trinies etc. are still dizzy, ditzy and dozy but they are almost in full recovery.

The Spaniard's was one of the most lethal for Example: cubans, Domican, Panamanains, Porto Rican etc. they've been in a coma for centuries but start to gain a little bit of consciousness.

The Dutch and the others didnt have enough time to bite too deep.

God is great.

Garry, May 20 2009, 10:36 AM

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