Long life to Haiti's independency Konfraternité

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Haiti, Iraq's Copycat.

Army of occupation: An army sent by one nation to keep order in a disrupted or conquered nation.

The occupation remains until a regular government is established to enforce the terms of a peace treaty.

«It is by the press that the morals of our Country «Haiti» have been destroyed, it is by the press that they shall be restored.»
The crisis of the Haitian family continues to be a major issue that we must address.

There is no question that the family unit provides the foundation for our survival and development.

The capturing of our fathers; men placed as chattel in slavery has left devastating scars on our most basic unit, our Family.

Although the problems of the Haitian family appear to be complex, they are very simple.

Enduring the most brutal form of oppression and the backbreaking experience of slavery has served to strengthen our superior survival techniques.

Brutal psychological and physiccal violence has left us at the crossroads.

We must not abandon family life. It is the basis for our survival and progress.

It is the strategy of the oppressors to place so much pressure upon us that we abandon our fight for freedom and independence.

When the family withers away, we must rise and fight to preserve the basic element of our foundation it must live and function.

This must happen in our homes, community country and Diaspora, etc...

This is the duty, responsibility, moral obligation of all Haitian people.

The people must understand that we are faced with a conspiracy in our country.

We witness the absence of a fighting spirit in our families.

The Haitian family is the basic support mechanism for all that we do. It is a sacred institution.

We must preserve and protect it on our own terms.

What we need in our communities are the resources and the structure to examine and resolve our families' problems.

Others cannot interpret or define who we are! We must face the challenges of preserving the traditions and culture developed by our ancestors.

Those valiant Haitians that endured fought and died for this country!
(Konfraternal Family) Konfraternité is the framework of our brilliant deeds as a base for our projects of scale.

Consequently, this concept must be conveyed and especially clarified for the popular masses (dispossed, les sans-voix, les laissé pour compte).

It is the duty of any Haitian to understand the emotional load and the stakes of such a concept.

In spite of the pressure of the circumstances, we must have in mind that the devalorization of the Haitian Family can only bring the forfeiture of the Country.

Then, let us not delay with the out-of-date dreams, and adapt the institutions to the needs for the present.

Let us leave no stone unturned to protect and improve the Family in spite of Pharaohs' harmful action, which handicaps us rather than assisting us. In the name of the tradition of non-interference, nobody has the right to choose our destiny or dictate our management.

Let us liberate ourselves from the obstacles of underdevelopment.

Let us choose our own way, and above all keep this Confraternal virtue, which is the taste of moving forward.

Charlot Charlemagne, February 1 2009, 9:21 PM

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