Before discussing Change, We have to know, what we are going...

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Before discussing Change, We have to know, what we are going to change in Haiti, alter, modify, transform, transmute.

Because President Obama advocates "Change"?

(What, Who), but did not specify anything.

Like the Haitian President Preval Rene said "Hope"?

In, On, For (Nothing).

The same when President Aristide said Family Lavalas, which is a dichotomy, beacause Family can not be an Avalanche (Lavalas) that destroys, kills.

"Change" 99% people vote for White President to the First Black.2)Withdraw the troops.3)Leaving many CEO go unpunish 4) Take from the Rich giving to the Poor so called (who has an apartment to live, TV, AC, FOOD etc.)
May be I am to stupid to understand can someone explain.

then I will let you know, what to we can do for Haiti to overcome the problems in one full year.

Charlot Charlemagne, February 1 2009, 5:33 PM

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Topic: Like Obama, Stand Up For Change in Haiti

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Just doing my part :) read more >
Woody, 20-Jan-09 2:14 pm
Not me. I'm in CARICOM (Caribbean Community). BUT : I HAVE ROOTS IN HAITI. I help my friends there, when necessary and possible. I just allowed a... read more >
Antonio Pinchinat, 21-Jan-09 1:14 pm
When we have a government that will dedicate its priorities to eradicate the disease called " corruption " in Haiti then we shall see some changes... read more >
Mauclair Simon, 22-Jan-09 1:38 pm
Dear Sister Luceanna, Let me say this, there are multiple organizations like yours helping out in Haiti, and their leaders are feeling the same way... read more >
Eric P. Berrouet, 23-Jan-09 1:31 am
So meanwhile while we wait for the government to get their act together and do what they need to do, we should just sit back and let our people... read more >
Luceananna Moore, 26-Jan-09 10:31 am
I feel bad about it, the president is right we act like we love Haiti but we not.We don't even suport our country.I want to make a change this year... read more >
Jean Paul, 28-Jan-09 8:15 pm
Before discussing Change, We have to know, what we are going to change in Haiti, alter,modify, transform, transmute. Because President Obama... read more >
Charlot Charlemagne, 1-Feb-09 5:33 pm
hELLO, my dear Konfrere in Jesus the Christ, the Way, the Truth to the Life, the Father, the only God, Jehovah/Yahweh, if I consider as one. Again... read more >
Charlot Charlemagne, 1-Feb-09 6:02 pm
Hello my Konfrere haitian. Like President Obama "Change" from White to Black President. What kind of change and How? Good intention in any way you... read more >
Charlot Charlemagne, 1-Feb-09 6:10 pm
Yes, you are right, but with this attitude, Haiti will not survive. We did it in 1990, We, We, WE,, Yes, WE can and to it again in FAMILY through... read more >
Charlot Charlemagne, 1-Feb-09 6:29 pm
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