No, that's Gabrielle Union. Maybe she's related to Garcelle...

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No, that's Gabrielle Union.

Maybe she's related to Garcelle Beauvais.

Aaron, February 23 2020, 5:38 PM

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Topic: Gabrielle Union is an American, but both of her parents are of Haitian descent

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You have a picture of Garcelle Beauvais where Gabrielle Union's picture should be. read more >
Lyne, 30-Oct-17 3:48 pm
Gabrielle Union isn't of Haitian descent. People please STOP claiming everyone to be Haitian. read more >
Smartie, 11-Jun-18 11:10 am
If both of Gabrielle's parents are Haitian doesn't that make Gabrielle Japanese read more >
Pamela, 20-Aug-18 3:45 am
Both Gabrielle Union parents are Haitian descent but not her, then she is not their biological kid? According the Haitian constitution even her can... read more >
An Alphabet, 16-Oct-18 1:18 am
Both parents from Haiti, so shes Haitian. How difficult is that. Smh. I'm half Haitian and I clam Haiti read more >
J Silver, 18-Jan-19 7:23 pm
In my opinion, she is an American Women of is of Haitian Descent. Other races claim their cultural background. What is wrong with saying that she... read more >
Darline Love Calixte, 10-Apr-19 11:13 pm
If both parents are haitian descent therefore she is from haitian descents but was born in the USA read more >
Hugo, 22-Jun-19 2:02 pm
Wow my dad said that her parents are Haitians but not her at first I didn't believe that but now I do.well we are different in different ways.☺️ read more >
Egia Bajon, 3-Aug-19 1:33 am
Gabrielle Union is African American People are confusing her with Garcelle Beauvais read more >
Slh, 20-Aug-19 10:47 am
No, that's Gabrielle Union. Maybe she's related to Garcelle Beauvais. read more >
Aaron, 23-Feb-20 5:38 pm
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