Love his story of the American dream. One love, peace.

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Love his story of the American dream.

One love, peace.

Cynthia, September 20 2018, 5:17 PM

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Topic: Harry LaRosiliere, Born in Haiti, First Black Mayor of Plano Texas

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Some day an Haitian will be on top of the chart. We are part of the American society fabric... I am proud of their accomplishment! Hopefully my... read more >
Jacques Alerte, 6-Jun-13 11:52 am
From Plano to North Miami, our compatriots have a chance to show some leadership. I wish them the best and pray that they will represent us well! read more >
Kiki, 6-Jun-13 1:15 pm
Great job Harry, we heard about it on Haitian radio in Miami Dade County within a week he was elected. News travels fast nowadays. Most importantly... read more >
Joseph Gourgue, 6-Jun-13 5:47 pm
Je suis tres heureuse de cette bonne nouvelle pour un fils d'Haiti... heureuse pour les parents et enfin heureuse pour les Etats-Unis qui exige... read more >
Miejo, 7-Jun-13 8:51 am
Congrats to Harry we are proud of of you... Haitians we have always believe in education first... let's keep that in mind... keep our children in... read more >
Cj, 8-Jun-13 10:57 am
If major LaRosiliere is a democrat I will vote for him, there is no doubt about it. I don't if they will put him in my district. read more >
Marie Cassagnol, 20-Sep-18 1:50 pm
That's great news. I complimented them for their hard work and dedication. NY is a hard place to raise kids for them to do it in such style, they... read more >
Marie Cassagnol, 20-Sep-18 2:09 pm
Correction:I will not if they don't put Me. LaRosiliere in my district read more >
Marie Cassagnol, 20-Sep-18 2:26 pm
Love his story of the American dream. One love, peace. read more >
Cynthia, 20-Sep-18 5:17 pm


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