Haitians and Lougarou : It's sad to see a bunch of people so lost in the fear of superstition

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Don't go there!

You said: Lougarous should take Haitians to court for "defamation of character?

I am totally disagree about that, you said:

It's sad to see a bunch of people so lost in the fear of superstition.

Not all of us are stupid, almost all the Haitians know about when their children are sick to try to heal them naturally with natural products the God in heaven have made on the earth, if it doesn't work they bring them to the hospital, this is their problem if they can't find good resource and loose face to see voodoo priests instead of trusting the lord.

1.) The government of Haiti fail to give good service in the hospitals and clinics of Haiti,

2.) To live in Haiti or to live in Haiti with small children we have to be 100% with Christ, or 100% with Satan and the bad angels; but I recommend you to serve God in heaven 100%, anyways: to be a real christian we have to be 100% with God who created everything.

Why they never accuse the christians who are not hypocrites from doing wicked things like that?

We know who are ( ougan, manbo, Lougawous, Chanpwels Bizango, Rat pa kaka), freemasons, witchcraft etc...

Don't try to justify Lougarous or wickedness, no one can give me chicken's shit for eggs.

Anybody they accuse falsely should know to make complaint to court against that person who accuse, but even though prezidan Jovenel complaint about 50 corrupt judges in the court system, did he kicked them out?

If no, what court you're talking about?

(DGI) give people receipt for the land we buy; corrupt judges help thief, to steal it from us: pretending the lands belong to them, we didn't by properly; the funny thing, (DGI) belong to the government of Haiti; the Haitian people can buy a land 10 times (DGI) give them receipt thief stole it from anytime they want, what king of court you're talking about?

A diaspora stab his wife in Haiti, because his wife left him and because he has a child with his wife she didn't want to give her husband the child, that wicked man pull out his nife and stab his wife in Haiti; because he is diaspora, because he has money to pay under the table, I think they let him go.

A second diaspora had a wife in Jacmel: because he catch her with a next man, he boil water and burnt her private area with hot water, even though they arrested him, for sure, they will release him because he will find money to pay under the table, what court you're talking about?

I don't know for US government; Why they don't come in Canada to do that?

The poor neighbor road Haitian's people need to find justice for themselve when they are sure Lougawous harm their children, because they don't have money to buy justice in Haiti.

The source of the problem is because the mothers left their children in the house alone to go selling in the markets; the fathers are out to work in the construction's work or farm place etc...

All the day and left he children stay home alone like delinquant children, that put the children at risk and danger, let us talk about that.

I encourage you: don't live your children in the poor lougawous's neighborhood area alone, unless you have your house with big fence people can't see your activities, if they are old enough to stay alone, but if you live your children alone in the middle of the poor poultries's neighborhood in the middle of the miserable poor lougawous like that, they will eat your children.

Remember that!

Cain killed Abel, God fixed his business, now he is waiting for hell; make sure God don't fix your business and wait for the end of the time to trow you to hell for your wickedness against God and against Humanity.

God bless you.

Patrick Princivil, May 20 2018, 2:34 PM

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Topic: In Haiti, LOUGAROUs and the Government is blamed for every freaking thing!

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Don't go there! You said: Lougarous should take Haitians to court for "defamation of character? I am totally disagree about that, you said: It's sad... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 20-May-18 2:34 pm


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