when you do not have nothing to say

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shut shut the hell your mouth

Mia, April 17 2008, 11:40 PM

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Topic: The Happiest Haitian On Planet Earth

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shut shut the hell your mouth read more >
Mia, 17-Apr-08 11:40 pm
"Do not let them stop you from coming home." i agree with you and I do it with my 11 year old son, and I love my country to death no mater what. I... read more >
Coine, 12-May-09 10:46 am
I agree whit you Haiti is our we can't give up like that, we need to do something, but one thing some Haitians people never want to put the haid to... read more >
Dieuseul, 21-May-09 5:53 pm
Blue Majik Studios vous propose un vaste choix de solutions Internet, des services informatiques, des conseils en communication en marketing pour... read more >
Pavlov, 20-Sep-09 3:35 pm
Thank you. I've thinking about my home for so long. I even try to find out about purchasing a house. I get no respond. I enjoy reading your site. read more >
Sonia, 14-Nov-12 12:06 am
i believe that others will not respect, trust, and boast about your generosity if you do not first prove that these are what make you who you are... read more >
Jean, 14-Nov-12 12:06 pm
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