What happenen to Haitian pride?

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My brothers and sisters our Haitian youth in America is in trouble, it was a shock to me the the other day when i asked a couple of Haitian youth who were in there teen years about 16 or 17 years of age. Who was the first Black Nation in independence?

and they could not reply, What even shocked shocked me the most was the fact that they were shocked when I told them that it was Haiti, What happened to our Haitian pride ?, Now a days im hereing Haitian kids talking about they hate the fact that they are Haitian they would rather be another race, what happened to the elders that would tell us the stories of Dessalines, Petion, and Henry Christophe, we need to educate our youth and tell them about our rich history we cant let the history die out, just because we are not in our country.

parents we need to start educating.

Sammy Jean-gilles, November 13 2007, 3:17 PM

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