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Ouch! an article of sort about "Racine/Vodou?

THREE DAYS! researching with an anticipation to publish findings?

I nonetheless applaud your enthusiasm and willingness to serve.

That, my friend counts for something.

I hope and pray that you would feel compelled to remain teachable, thus humble, in order to take in the accurate knowledge about your "culture and religion." Please let it be known that any further publication of yours in reference to the foregoing subject will be forwarded over my explicit objection.

Your penship is alarmingly disgraceful.

I, for that matter, offer my expertise in the field as a way of contributing to the already noble work performed by Haitinetradio.com. I sincerely hope that you would not let your ego, false pride and my rather brutal intervention stand in the way.
Do forward to my attention a request for the scientific findings around this subject.

Du choc des idees jaillit la lumiere, dit-on.
Alors mon cher, ca va?

Patrick De Rosier, November 9 2007, 2:24 PM

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