Nothing wrong if the Old Man doesn't want to learn New Technology BUT...

Patrick Princivil - April 16 2017, 3:09 PM

This is the stinky mentality of black people: they are too old to go to school, or to get job in the companies, even thou sometime they are only a minimum of 50 years old; they are old at 50 years old, who told you that?

There is nothing wrong with it if he doesn't want to learn new technology but I will not receive that excuse into my spirit in the name of Jesus.

Stop that; an American woman got her diploma at 94 years old in US, the said: she understand no company will hire her, but she is proud of ever from upgrading her career.

I don't accuse, but a lot of diaspora Haitian tried to hide their phone numbers for the Haitians' s people in Haiti, this is a little bit disrespectful.

Maybe for them, Haiti will never be a country?

My opinion is: God has no limit, I will never limit myself

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