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Are you an individual businessman or a organisation that wishes to expand in business ??, we offer financial instrument such as BGs, SBLCs, MTNs, LCs, CDs and others on lease and sales at a rate of (3 + 0.5 + X)% of the face value and reasonable conditions from a genuine provider.

You are at liberty to engage our leased facilities into trade programs as well as in signatory project(s) such as Aviation, Agriculture, Petroleum, Telecommunication and any other project(s) etc.With our financial/bank instrument you can establish line of credit with your bank and/or secure loan for your projects in which our bank instrument will serve collateral in your bank to fund your project.

We deliver with time and precision as set forth in the agreement.

Our terms and Conditions are reasonable and we work directly with issuing bank lease providers, this instrument can be monetized on your behalf for upto 100% funding.Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers are welcome to bring their clients and are 100% protected.

In complete confidence, we will work together for the benefits of all parties involved.

All relevant business information will be provided upon request.

If Interested kindly direct your enquiry to Email:~ instrumentsmandate01 [at] serious enquiry only
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Nathani, January 9 2017, 8:28 PM

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Topic: Eggs Import into Haiti from Dominican Republic decreased by 86.3%

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e pi yap di 'tet kale' pa bon. read more >
Kreyolman, 19-Dec-13 5:12 pm
Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If the government of Haiti find a way to give the nation of Haiti to pass with tractors, trucks, water etc. on the farm's... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 19-Dec-13 5:15 pm
It will take more than tractors, trucks, water, etc. To make the Dominican Republic and USA cry blood. Try increasing your GDP, rebuilding your... read more >
Ricart, 20-Dec-13 7:34 am
"In the case of eggs, imports from DR decreased by 86.3%... If that is the case, it means Haiti is producing a lot MORE eggs these days to meet... read more >
Ricart, 20-Dec-13 5:29 pm
The ideal commercial relationship between countries is one where there is balanced trade. This rarely occurs because countries specialize in certain... read more >
Eco 101, 11-Jan-14 9:58 pm
I am so glad we don't have to use other country products anymore. keep it up my new Gvt. read more >
Paunise Pierre, 15-Nov-14 10:04 am
Are you an individual businessman or a organisation that wishes to expand in business??, we offer financial instrument such as BGs, SBLCs, MTNs... read more >
Nathani, 9-Jan-17 8:28 pm
I would like to get in touch with someone for an individual business. read more >
Maxc Montas, 20-Mar-17 9:46 am


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