The same problem with the Rainforest. If you haven't already...

Marienurseaesthetician - October 12 2016, 4:20 PM

The same problem with the Rainforest.

If you haven't already done so, you have to 1st be committed to raising awareness using all platforms not just [a Rant] one blog post about it to a virtually small audience.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube [use Hashtags].

Start an Online Organization most importantly seek help from other Organizations who are concerned with Global Warming and Deforestation.

To help replant trees and help restore Haiti forest.

That's all "We" the People and Organizations can do right now. IF YOU'RE ANGERED AND CONCERNED BE PART OF THE SOLUTION.

It's not the People's fault.

Haiti has limited resources -No Oil. NO OIL which MEANS; BURN other words Cutting Down Trees for SURVIVAL.

I will post a link to your Blog on Project Green & other pages on Facebook if they allow and send the admins an email.

Maybe they can post about this and share with their followers.

The problem is Bigger than you know. The U.S. (and U.N.) have known there's Oil & Natural gas reserves in Haiti since 1908 and did their explorations in the 1950s and locked up what they found as "strategic reserves for the US" to be tapped when Middle Eastern oil became less available.

(See, Oil in Haiti by Dr. Georges Michel).

Haiti shares the waters with oil producing islands from all around and lies in an area that has undiscovered amounts of oil and according to a Geologist the earthquake of 2010 may have left some clues.

**BUT THIS IS A WHOLE OTHER BATTLE with the Governments involved**

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