Ala ti pèp iresponsab mezanmi moun sa yo pa refleshi...

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Ala ti pèp iresponsab mezanmi moun sa yo pa refleshi ditou?Se moun sa yo ki fè peyi pa ka vanse a wi

Sherlie, March 25 2016, 1:37 PM

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Topic: Haiti Bridge Collapses BECAUSE the bolts of the bridge were stolen...

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Pep Sa pa gen remed! Yo fout tel man sote ou met bayo zeb yap mangel! Tank yo vole! Gen ou ban lote Ki gen bon tet podiab yo, pase lot diab arousa... read more >
Maie, 20-Mar-16 4:40 am
Pou yo di travay la pat bien fett Ti pep saa Ce chien read more >
Alexa Francois, 20-Mar-16 10:09 am
Quick, deviate Haitian's attention from this problem by banning produces and chickens from the Dominican Republic. ha ha ha. read more >
Ricart, 20-Mar-16 6:31 pm
Querido Ricart, Almost the same thing happened on one of the main bridges entering the city of Santo Domingo not long ago, I think less than a year... read more >
Carlos Miranda Levy, 21-Mar-16 1:52 pm
Well Two reasons I can imagine ":THE NUTS and BOLTS are Metal and they steal it to sale as Scrap Metal. Secondly. Nuts and Bolts ot may be 3/4 inch... read more >
John, 23-Mar-16 6:57 pm
Ala ti pep iresponsab mezanmi moun sa yo pa refleshi ditou?Se moun sa yo ki fe peyi pa ka vanse a wi read more >
Sherlie, 25-Mar-16 1:37 pm
Sou yo pou l ye to be pandan tap fe zak malonet la.kite Karma ye nan ka sa a? read more >
Elizabeth Francois, 1-Apr-16 1:12 pm
Similar to America, theft with copper and metal stolen from stop lights, hospitals. A bridge is going far when someone can be killed or injured... read more >
Deann, 3-May-16 4:11 pm


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