It is crazy to close schools. The children have to go to...

Marijke Zaalberg - October 26 2015, 12:37 PM

It is crazy to close schools.

The children have to go to school.

Let we as adults not steel education from the children.

Give the children a chance to go to school.

The gouvernement knows that there are elctions, they just have to organise that the school is clean on mondaymorning 8.30 AM. Is that difficult?

Not at all!!!.

A lot of students of our school Ecole Soleil de Hollande in CailleBlain did walk 2 or three hours to come to school, they find the school closed.

This is not good for them at all. The government don't pay our teachers, please don't give the teachers free because the government cann't organise well. It is steeling of the rights of education of the Haitian children!

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