This is a big step on the right direction. i love it.

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This is a big step on the right direction.

i love it.

Edvard Etienne, October 5 2015, 3:39 PM

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Topic: Haiti Reconstruction - President Martelly To Inaugurate FIRST Haiti Road Overpass Friday

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Very nice I hope the futur government build some more across the capital and around the whole country. read more >
Marc Paul, 6-Aug-15 9:55 pm
Comments Good Job read more >
Rood Cass, 6-Aug-15 10:34 pm
This is one good thing to remember...! read more >
Julio De Castro, 7-Aug-15 6:07 pm
Malheureusement, il y en a beaucoup comme Gina pour contre-carrer tout avancement dans ce pays. Podiab, c'est triste read more >
Turenne Jean-francois, 8-Aug-15 10:30 am
Waw bel travay,mrennen sa,se piti piti zwazo a fe nich li.Si gouvenman ki swiv la sansib pou devlopman peyi a lap kontinye travay pou ede peyi a... read more >
Sherlie, 8-Aug-15 2:44 pm
Hey! Gina the bitch, you make no sense; you need to get your ignorant ass somewhere. Your stupid comment has no place on here. Bitch! read more >
Proud To Be Haitian, 15-Aug-15 5:27 pm
This is a big step on the right direction.i love it. read more >
Edvard Etienne, 5-Oct-15 3:39 pm


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