I can't wait to see the haitian Army come back for the...

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I can't wait to see the haitian Army come back for the security in Haiti

Jocelyne, March 20 2015, 1:07 PM

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Topic: Haiti - Manifestation to force Martelly to Retract Aristide Executive order to disband the Army

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Yes they should reinstate the Haitian army we don't need the UN read more >
Armando, 20-Mar-15 12:51 pm
If I have to sell my shoes to rebuilt the Haitian Army' I certainly will. May God continue to bless Haiti. read more >
Calixte Guerrier, 20-Mar-15 12:56 pm
I can't wait to see the haitian Army come back for the security in Haiti read more >
Jocelyne, 20-Mar-15 1:07 pm
I'm pretty sure that would bring an improvement in the security issue. read more >
Jran Max, 20-Mar-15 2:24 pm
Due to limited financial resources to maintain a modern army, Haiti's armed forces would be useless in the case of real war with its much larger... read more >
Ricart, 20-Mar-15 4:25 pm
We do need an Army. read more >
Bwa San Fey, 20-Mar-15 5:33 pm
You (Haiti) do not have money to build schools, bridges, hospitals, factories, etc. But someway, somehow, you have the budget to build and maintain... read more >
Ricart, 20-Mar-15 6:36 pm
Oh shit! Negroricart, I see that you care so much about Haiti; therefore, you are neglecting yourself: no shower, no teeth brushing, and no ass... read more >
Proud To Be Haitian, 20-Mar-15 8:34 pm
Se fout Haitien mwen, mwen pa nan zafe fose pale angle epi fo tout klas pov Haitien ki pa kon pale angle yo ka konpran kijan riches peyi a ap... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 20-Mar-15 8:50 pm
@Proud To Be Haitian Yes, we Dominicans care about what's going in our backyard (Haiti), especially when we have an infestation of dark roaches... read more >
Ricart, 20-Mar-15 8:55 pm
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