Bon dirigeants= bon developpement= bon bagay, nap pike pou pi...

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Bon dirigeants= bon developpement= bon bagay, nap pike pou pi devan

Turenne Jean-francois, March 17 2015, 12:56 PM

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Topic: Haiti has one of the fastest-growing economies in the Caribbean

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Bon dirigeants= bon developpement= bon bagay, nap pike pou pi devan read more >
Turenne Jean-francois, 17-Mar-15 12:56 pm
This is a Good exemple of what Karyibean cooperation should be!.. And a Good return of history!.. read more >
Edy Deher Lesaint, 17-Mar-15 1:02 pm
Where's the link to the NY Times article? You should always cite your sources. I hope this help: read more >
Ricart, 17-Mar-15 1:04 pm
Nap voye yon gwo kout chapo pou Venezuela answit yon gwo bravo pou ekip sa a ki devwe pou bay rezilta. li rete a nou menm HAITIEN pou chchwazi ki... read more >
Jocelin Noel, 17-Mar-15 1:38 pm
@dominican negroricart, what the Fk is your Fkn problem negro? Why are you here in this site stupid? Who the Fk are you to ask for a source to prove... read more >
Proud To Be Haitian, 17-Mar-15 3:11 pm
@Proud To Be Haitian You are a foul mouthed one, aren't you? No mud cookies for you! read more >
Ricart, 17-Mar-15 8:21 pm
@Proud To Be Haitian Negro, you better behave, or you won't be getting the 20-piece chicken nuggets I promised for cutting canes at the Batey. I... read more >
Ricart, 17-Mar-15 8:29 pm
"Fk you negro! Your sorry ass would be happy if it was about your Fkn DR. Do you have a life at all. You act like a bitch." People born and raised... read more >
Ricart, 17-Mar-15 8:46 pm
M panse se bien si haiti ap bouje gin espwa pou demain gin yon lot pi belle haiti read more >
Jocelyne, 18-Mar-15 9:47 am
Mwen ap viv an Haiti e mwen koue na sa tout pey a se yon veritab chantie. Dans le monde entier les gouvernements peuvent etre reelus en Haiti malgre... read more >
Gladys Gilles, 18-Mar-15 1:59 pm
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