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Is there a Haitian Yellow Pages Online?

Yes There is!

If you search for "tile and grout restoration"
you will fine a Haitian Owned Business
ranked #2 in www.google.com out of 17,500 links

We built www.pajla.com for the haitian community
It's a Haitian Yellow Pages Online

Want to know if it works?

Check this out!

We rank...

#1 in Google for keyword "Money Transfer Agencies"
#1 on Google for "haitian taxi cabs"
#2 on Google for "haitian catering"
#1 on Google for "haitian mortgage brokers"
#1 on Google for "haitian barber shops"

and it's FREE...

do you believe this?

We are #1 in all major search engines like
google - yahoo - aol - nestcape - altavista

What does that mean for you?


if you have a Haitian Business,
if you know the haitian business owners in your area

List these businesses on www.pajla.com right away

this way people will find your business when they seach for...

Business names like "common mortgage group"

"Haitian Restaurant in Miramar, FL"

Tell everyone about the Haitian Yellow Pages
tell everyone about www.PajLa.com


A Lasso!
Sak Pa Nan Paj La...

Zafe A Yo!

Woodring Saint Preux
Fouye! Networks

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