La mort du Pasteur Jean Mary c'est une grande perte pour la...

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La mort du Pasteur Jean Mary c'est une grande perte pour la communauté chrétienne en Haïti, qu'il se repose en paix.

Cazeau Ronald, November 17 2014, 11:20 AM

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Topic: FLASH... Haiti Pastor Jean Marie of Delmas 17 is Dead

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Pasteur Jean-Marie Desir was a good man all the good people are going one by one their times has arrived what can we do.May the LORD bless their... read more >
Fritz Desrameaux, 17-Nov-14 10:55 am
La mort du Pasteur Jean Mary c'est une grande perte pour la communaute chretienne en Haiti, qu'il se repose en paix. read more >
Cazeau Ronald, 17-Nov-14 11:20 am
Another servant of God goes home. May his family and the churches he helped build and pastored be comforted. To be absent in the flesh is to be... read more >
Minister Mlubin, 17-Nov-14 12:34 pm
Deep condolences! He was a good man may he rest in peace. I will be praying for his family. read more >
Mose, 17-Nov-14 5:38 pm
Paix a son ame ce fut un grand homme de Dieu read more >
Marie, 18-Nov-14 9:59 am
Notre Pasteur Jean marie Desir est parti pour l'eternite bienheureuse mais il a laisse des arbres remplis de branches et de fruits, des racines qui... read more >
Lonet Severe, 18-Nov-14 7:41 pm
I believe that was his appointment time to see the Lord God face to face. When you know God's word and you believe it, there is no doubt. As... read more >
Lex Dorcely, 18-Nov-14 10:15 pm
I'm here again to talk about this..! I'm sorry guys but I'd really love to know who writes your articles..! A title is really important when you're... read more >
Goddy7, 19-Nov-14 12:43 am
La famille Pasteur Lubin presente ses condoleances profondement a la du defunt Soyez assures de nos prieres Que Dieu vous benisse Pasteur Lubin... read more >
Rev Jean L Paul, 23-Nov-14 6:37 pm
Sincere condoleance a la famille du Rev, Jean Marie Desir et a tous les membres de l'Eglise Delmas 17 Que Dieu vous benisse read more >
Rev Jean L Paul, 24-Nov-14 11:03 pm
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