Jean Claude Duvalier is the only one who was a true leader in Haiti, it is a pity that he never had a chance to try again

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I was young when Jean Claude was in Power, I was leaving at a boarding school.

In the summer time I did not have to wait for a member of my family to come pick me up to go home. I used to get on a Taxi to home safely.

I remember that much Haitian people were free and the country was beautiful and organized.

As a Haitian citizen, you don't have to be afraid to go anywhere in the country at any time. Let me tell you something being a leader is not easy. Everyone will not agree with you because there are all kind of people in this world

Yes, the country needed more jobs, schools, better road but we were safe.

Every country has law which must be followed.

If one chooses to break the law there must be consequences to pay.

After Jean Claude was sent an exile, Haiti went into the pit and never recover.

Haitian people became primitive, they murdered innocent people on the street.

We should be ashamed and embarrassed for the way we portrait our selves to each other and to the other countries all around the world.

The only countries that will understand us are those terrorist because we are as salvage as they are!!!

Jean Claude it is a pity that he never had a chance to try again, so far he is the only one who was a true leader in Haiti.

Florencia, October 12 2014, 7:03 PM

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