Haitian Cuisine - YES you CAN Cook without MAGGI - Some Tips!

Gotty - October 4 2014, 10:41 PM

Yes, we can cook tasty Haitian food without maggi.

To do so we have to use fresh spices.

I always blend fresh spices ( garlic, leek, dill, parsley, green onion, clove powder, sage, rosemary, sweet peeper..) and blend it in oil and store it in the fridge.

I always have dry fresh thyme in my house for my sauce.

I do freeze hot pepper and have them when I need it. For rice, I will use coconut and butter added to my spice and some salt containing iodine.

One thing that I don't do like some or even most Haitians do, is overcooking my food. The overcook food needs more spices or maggi as all the natural taste of food is lost in the heat. Another thing, Time to add the spice to the food make a difference on the food taste.

I am not a professional but I always try to do better what I am doing everyday

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