Doing Business in Haiti - What is your Experience?

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Topic: Doing Business in Haiti - What is your Experience?

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Jis kwe lan sa yap fe a... If you don't love something, and you do it you will not be happy. My family gets it so wrong, life isn't the way it was... read more >
Sarah Cadet, 14-Sep-14 12:53 pm
I understand that many ppl think that u av to be granmoun to build a business in haiti but for all i know is not a priority cuz i av ppl in my... read more >
Jean Guerold, 14-Sep-14 1:06 pm
Ah ban-m bay opinion-m nan lang manman-m ak papa-m te fe-m nan. Diaspora ki gen lajan yo, nou pe fe biznis an Haiti an tem ke yap peye nou an... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 14-Sep-14 2:13 pm
Mwen te guin mari'm ki mouri isit nan USA, mwen ak li nou te bati yon kay nan santo 25. li te mete yon fre'l yo te deporte nan kay la. Ebien, apre... read more >
Marie Felix, 14-Sep-14 5:38 pm
This image is not HAITI but the mere critic or false evidence of a few. Thus, it can not be part of any portrait from the course of doing business... read more >
Ernst Molin, 14-Sep-14 6:53 pm
I would love to come to Haiti and teach a few classes to the high school students on Social Media, STEAM careers, Marketing and Branding. There is... read more >
William Jackson, 14-Sep-14 10:20 pm
I don't have (yet) any experience in Haiti but i'm an entrepreneur almost since I was born and I don't know any better sensation than doing... read more >
Magalie From Thecaribbean, 15-Sep-14 3:13 pm
I have been trying to do business in Haiti for some months now. I have contacted the Embassy in USA but I have been given any contact in Haiti to... read more >
Mark, 19-Oct-14 8:53 am
Mwen vle Konnen si mwen ovre a laundromat nan petionvile eske sa ap fe Lajan? read more >
Hans, 30-Nov-14 10:49 pm
How much is it to start a money gram or a western union in haiti? I already have a place I could rent $2,000 a year. Konbre kob lap ye pou mwen... read more >
Woolly Jean, 5-Jan-15 8:07 am
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