"It's only right for them to think that they can just invade...

Ricart - August 12 2014, 5:17 PM

"It's only right for them to think that they can just invade our territory."

When was the last time Dominican Republic invaded Haiti?

ha ha. It is the other way around...hordes of Haitians are peacefully invading the Dominican Republic.

"We need to rebuild our Army and take full control of our borders.'

Go ahead, build an army that you cannot afford and that will not be a match for that of the Dominican Republic.

The last army you had just oppressed the Haitian people and toppled Haitian presidents.

"We need our Army to fight off these enemies."

Go ahead, be our guest.

We will be waiting.

"Our people are being mistreated, murdered, rape, rob, beats by the Dominicans."

If Haitian nationals living in the Dominican Republic feel that they are being mistreated, murdered, raped, robbed, and/or beaten, all they have to do is leave the country.

Of course, none of those charges are true and that's why each day more and more Haitians keep coming to the Dominican Republic to study and earn a living.

"Its being teach within their school system to hate the Haitians."

The Dominican Republic is a sovereign nation and Haitians cannot dictate to us what we can or cannot teach our kids.

"Our babies are dying while their babies are growing with the concept of Haitians Being their Number One Enemy."

Once again, do not blame Dominicans for the fact that Haitian babies are dying...blame your corrupt politicians and lack of medical infrastructures.

Dominicans are not to blame for your shortcomings.

"This must stop!!!! We Are Haitians, Sons and Daughters of Toussaint and Dessalines!!!! The First Black Leader on this Earth.."

And we Dominicans are the sons and daughters of Juan Pablo Duarte, Francisco del Rosario Sánchez y Matías Ramón Mella.

We are proud of our Hispanic heritage, Spanish language, and Catholicism.

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Yeah that's the exact thing that should happen to us...

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