Se seul Haiti seulman pou yo fe sa... En tout cas Mtou kite yo...

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Se seul Haiti seulman pou yo fe sa ...

En tout cas
Mtou kite yo menm jou a male nan natcom..

Jackson, June 24 2014, 8:53 AM

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Topic: Haiti - Digicel Now Blocking VoIP services like Viber, Tango and Nimbuzz

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Moi personnellement j ss pas d'accord a cette decision read more >
Marc, 24-Jun-14 1:02 am
Se paske Ayiti se yon savan'n sepa yon peyi kote gen regulations respekte en plus DIFICEL ap koupe kou nan move service kel ap bay kounye a livle... read more >
Anglade Sadaah Dieudonne, 24-Jun-14 1:47 am
Yon Haitien Tweet: Digicel met bloke Viber sil vle men piga-l rive sou WHATSAPP si-l vle kontinye egziste... LOL... Kisa-w di nan bagay saa? read more >
Haitien Sou Twitter, 24-Jun-14 4:13 am
An Han! Han! Han! Han! Ou we kapris zwazo mechan yo! Yap fe konplo ak Digicel pou pep la ka ret nan fe nwa, nou pa mande'l poukisa? Puiske mwen... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 24-Jun-14 4:59 am
My question are they doing it for their service limes? If so i will leave them. If it for the country in general it is not legal read more >
Dominique Pean, 24-Jun-14 7:24 am
Se seul Haiti seulman pou yo fe sa... En tout cas Mtou kite yo menm jou a male nan natcom.. read more >
Jackson, 24-Jun-14 8:53 am
No no no i will never agree with that stupid decision thats becoz digicel have the support from the gouvernment thats it the prime minister and... read more >
Frank, 24-Jun-14 9:17 am
It is totally unacceptable. The reasons given do not stand. Why would they block us while we pay for the data. We do what we want with the data we... read more >
Emmy, 24-Jun-14 9:26 am
I think this is a stupid decision that digicel ever made because lot of people will leave their company for something better. Me especially my hurt... read more >
Juhv, 24-Jun-14 2:31 pm
Kite pou tout mouin ki gen digicel kite al nan natcom wap we si digicel pap pren dom kol read more >
Kopiro, 24-Jun-14 3:03 pm
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