Sexy Haitian Women and their Chaloupe style of walking

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Topic: Sexy Haitian Women and their `Chaloupe` style of walking

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I think what author Large mentioned is true about the sexiness of Haitian women. There are some who will stay faifthful no matter what because they... read more >
Topic, 3-Feb-04 11:25 am
what about the haitian too. Iam one i think I'm sexy my mamma even tell me so. you may write me back to tell waht you think about the comment i... read more >
Topic, 9-Feb-04 10:58 am
I agree, Some Haitian Women are sexy. I live in NYC, I'm 25, I've never really been with a Haitian Woman, Why do you think that Might be? I mean I... read more >
Topic, 17-Feb-04 9:47 pm
i agrree they is sexy but it's just that most of them cant compare with belle americane yo. nooffence but us haitians need to work on our looks read more >
Topic, 19-Feb-04 11:41 am
smart and baatiful too read more >
Topic, 27-Feb-04 8:43 am
yes I ahve noticed that haitian women are very soft and very romantic. I myself am not Haitian. My parents are from St. Croix. I have a female... read more >
Topic, 17-Jul-04 4:16 pm
hello my name is nadine.As a haitian women i thank you we don't have that much compliment like that it always a negative though we get for example... read more >
Topic, 20-Jul-04 2:55 pm
Hello Nadine, So you get only bad comments huh? well, my experience is haitian black women are very soft and some I know love a big strong man... read more >
Topic, 20-Jul-04 4:11 pm
Sakpase! my name is Jessica and I am also a Haitian. Somebody said on their email that Haitian women are sexy, well thank you very much. I... read more >
Topic, 6-Jan-05 1:27 pm
i like haitian women aggressiveness. i think they are some of the prettiest women; especially the the dark brown, black sista's. peace ray read more >
Topic, 24-Jan-05 2:25 pm
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