The recent apprehension of Wesnel Isaac in Carrefour, located...

Capture Of Wesnel Isaac - June 7 2014, 9:50 PM

The recent apprehension of Wesnel Isaac in Carrefour, located at a few miles of Port-au-Prince by Haiti's National Police and placed in the hands of U.S Marshalls sent a strong signal to Haitian-Americans and Haitian Nationals residing inn the United States regarding the heavy reach of the U.S Government in Haiti.

The current Haitian Government has always made it easy to Haitian Officials to not give safe haven to common core criminals that violated U.S Laws. Mr. Isaac, an alleged member of Zoe Pound, a defunct street gang that was active in the street of Miami Little Haiti had made its marks in the law enforcement communities by spreading a killing rampage in the community.

They killed their competitors just for kick stated a member of the City of Miami anti-gang unit that is familiar with Zoe Pound.

The capture of Isaac as being featured inn top 15 most dangerous criminals in the United States marked a huge success for the U.S Government and its ability to extend its power base in foreign countries like Haiti and Columbia.

The demise of many criminals has to do with their breaking of U.S Laws. In the case of Isaac, he is one less criminals that represent a clear and present danger for the U.S Society and we must support the U.S Government in pursuing fugitives like Wesnel Isaac the represent a menace to society.

Numerous criminals elements from Haiti has used their homeland in the past as a safe haven where they think they could become untouchables in a environment where rule of law does not matter much. In the meantime, Wesl Isaac is now behind bars and is expected to appear before a judge and or jury to pay for his crime.

Once he completed paying his debt to society, he can expect to be repatriated to Haiti.

Haiti will be freeing this gentleman if the U.S Prison does not kill him first.

Jean-Robert Lafortune is a Civil Rights and Human Rights Advocate for Haitian Nationals in the United States

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