Gabrielle Union is an American, but both of her parents are of Haitian descent

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Gabrielle Union is an American, but both of her parents are of Haitian descent.

She was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska.

The actress is known for her role in the movie 'Bring it On'.

Soulshadow55, June 2 2014, 5:39 PM

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I hate when I serch up a celeb theur biographies all say American. First off if both of her parents are Haitian them that makes her HAITIAN! She is... read more >
Kiki, 11-Sep-15 9:20 pm
You have a picture of Garcelle Beauvais where Gabrielle Union's picture should be. read more >
Lyne, 30-Oct-17 3:48 pm
Gabrielle Union isn't of Haitian descent. People please STOP claiming everyone to be Haitian. read more >
Smartie, 11-Jun-18 11:10 am
If both of Gabrielle's parents are Haitian doesn't that make Gabrielle Japanese read more >
Pamela, 20-Aug-18 3:45 am
Both Gabrielle Union parents are Haitian descent but not her, then she is not their biological kid? According the Haitian constitution even her can... read more >
An Alphabet, 16-Oct-18 1:18 am
Both parents from Haiti, so shes Haitian. How difficult is that. Smh. I'm half Haitian and I clam Haiti read more >
J Silver, 18-Jan-19 7:23 pm
In my opinion, she is an American Women of is of Haitian Descent. Other races claim their cultural background. What is wrong with saying that she... read more >
Darline Love Calixte, 10-Apr-19 11:13 pm
If both parents are haitian descent therefore she is from haitian descents but was born in the USA read more >
Hugo, 22-Jun-19 2:02 pm
Wow my dad said that her parents are Haitians but not her at first I didn't believe that but now I do.well we are different in different ways.☺️ read more >
Egia Bajon, 3-Aug-19 1:33 am
Gabrielle Union is African American People are confusing her with Garcelle Beauvais read more >
Slh, 20-Aug-19 10:47 am
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