Haitian, and dominican are brothers, and like in the best...

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Haitian, and dominican are brothers, and like in the best families, has a problems, so I don't see any special, in this personal conflict, so don't tray toget a international conspiracy whit this topic.

Darwindiaz, March 23 2014, 8:50 AM

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Topic: FLASH: Haitian Manhunt Happening in Las Matas de Farfan, Dominican Republic

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fuck Dominican viva haitiano read more >
Valadano, 22-Mar-14 12:35 pm
We need to stop attacking others with machete. Two wrong do not make it right. read more >
Marie Salomon, 22-Mar-14 12:44 pm
This looks like a rise or an opportunity any opportunity the Dominican Republic is looking for war. First of all the boss should not have been... read more >
Priscilla Coquillon, 22-Mar-14 4:36 pm
Haitian,and dominican are brothers,and like in the best families,has a problems,so I don't see any special,in this personal conflict,so don't tray... read more >
Darwindiaz, 23-Mar-14 8:50 am
Gee, what are the chances a Dominican living in Haiti would be lynched if he dared to pull a machete and kill a Haitian official? 100%. Yes, the... read more >
Ricart, 23-Mar-14 1:18 pm
that does not mean that all Haitians should face punishment just because of one. read more >
Bbb, 24-Mar-14 9:39 am
We are not Brothers. We are neighbors and as such we need to work with each other and try to benefit from that relationship... Know the history... read more >
Dr1, 26-Mar-14 10:40 am
what do the haitians want read more >
Bbb, 26-Mar-14 12:49 pm
The other side. read more >
Dr1, 31-Mar-14 1:15 pm
Funny...in your comment you have spanish word "Viva"...Why, tell mw why..? say it in Creole or French specially when you say "Viva Haiti" Identity... read more >
Dr1, 31-Mar-14 1:20 pm
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